March 22, 2018

Website Design

For most businesses, it is best to keep website design costs low and invest the majority of their budget into promoting products or services. After all, sales drive profits, and profits drive growth.

Of course, you want your website to look professional and modern. But at the end of the day, your web pages are a tool for marketing and advertising. Fantastic pictures and content are useless if nobody ever sees them. When I talk about website design, I am not just talking about looks; I am talking about pages that load fast on all devices, provide social sharing cues, are optimized for search, and have a clear marketing message.

All my website designs include a search engine marketing strategy. I build highly unique and optimized websites for each new customer. Design, marketing, and optimization are where the rubber meets the road; there is no point having a site if it doesn’t help you make money. I have plans as low as $100/mo with no money down contact form

My Website Design Strategy Value Proposition

I build most websites on the WordPress platform; this allows me more time for the necessary optimizing and marketing work. WordPress is super simple to install and customize. There are hundreds of thousands of web designs you can choose. When your website starts to look dated in a few years, you just select a new design/theme. New themes include much more than just a new look; they often provide new software features, security, and are built on the latest platforms.

As technology continues to develop, your website software must keep up with it. Imagine trying to run an old version of the Windows operating system. Anyone remember windows 95 (uhh)? Or think of your website as a cell phone. You don’t want to be running three-year-old software. That old cell phone software does not communicate on new faster towers. With WordPress software, you do not have to spend a fortune every 3-5 years.

I change the look of this site once or twice a year. I guarantee you did not have to wait for this page to load, no matter what device your using. And it looks professional. And since you are this far down the page, my content is easy to read and even dare I say compelling?

My Most Popular Package – Crazy Package Deal

With my design approach, you don’t pay substantial set-up fees and then hundreds of dollars in monthly payments. Or hidden costs for a website that doesn’t even help you get new customers.

I help you build a site just like the one you are on now + host it, + get you a unique domain name (, all for only $100.00 bucks a month. No money down! Leaving the savvy business owner some capital to invest in even more advertising.

The low monthly charge is for more than great web-hosting and a domain name. You get an optimized website with all the elements Google expects to see from a business. You get a robust platform to drive sales.

Or I take your existing site and transfer it, optimize it, and relaunch it on the WordPress Platform.

website design little plantAre you looking to expand, and grow your business? Are you looking to work with a designer that offers real-world business and search marketing experience?

Many new businesses operate on a tight budget. The #1 reason so many small businesses fail within the first five years is due to poor advertising and ineffective execution.

I am not a massive corporate machine turning out websites. I dive deep into your industry; I get to know your customer profiles, then I design custom web pages to target those people, hitting their pain points, getting them to reach out to you to solve their problems. I help you; you help them, everyone is happy!


I work with businesses all across the United States; I get so many calls from the West Coast you would think they don’t have web designers on that side of the country. For real results, For value, For a fun company to work with, I hope you choose me (inform Local).

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