April 21, 2018

Link Building

More Links = More Traffic and Higher Rankings

link building servicesPeople travel the web on links, going from one site to the next by clicking a link. We are expert link builders, and have been building high quality links for a very long time. If you want to increase the amount of inbound traffic your webpages receive, you will need links.

Link building is not hard, but it is time consuming and requires a high level of creativity. Links have to be earned, or asked for, so we ask for you. First we build creatives and content that people like, then we let relevant sites and webmasters know your content exists. We keep track of your link profile, monitoring new acquisitions, link dropouts and prospects.

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Links Equal Traffic | Traffic Equals Profits

Bringing targeted online traffic to your webpages will feed your sales funnel. No matter how you make money from your webpages, more relevant inbound links will increase your bottom line.

What would you do to increase targeted traffic to your web pages if links did not help you to rank high on search engines (*Cough like they do)?

Nowadays, everyone seems to know that links help you to rank higher on search engines. Many SEO experts agree that good SEO is 65% link building, and 35% everything else. Ranking at the top of search engines can drive a lot of visitors to your webpages, but what would you do if links were no longer a ranking factor in Google’s Algorithm? Where would you get your traffic from?

You might develop relationships with persons of  influence in your market /vertical. You may for instance discover other web pages that have a lot of traffic, and get them to send some traffic your way via a link. This is the essence of what we do, and it is a completely acceptable practice. By getting these type of links (links from relevant web pages), the benefits are two-fold.; your search engine ranking grows, and you get targeted traffic from the websites that link to you.

Google does not want you focusing on link building because they do not want spammers to game their algorithm. They want you to focus on building a good user experience and offering value to the web. When you focus your attention and creativity on doing the things Google wants, the natural result is more social shares, bookmarks and links. It’s a chicken and the egg scenario.


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