January 22, 2020

Yodle Reviews & Complaints – Is It Worth The Money?

Yodle Review SpeakerPro’s & Con’s of Yodle Local Advertising Services

This article is primarily a Yodle Review, but you can apply all the pro’s and con’s to all big box store online advertising companies that target small and local businesses. For specific complaints about Yodle, read all the comments left by others below.

Local online advertising is big business being targeted by large corporations like Yodle. They offer local advertising specials to small companies with a “legal guarantee.” They guarantee you will be on the first page of Google in your town for vertical-specific keywords within 60 -90 days or you don’t pay the monthly fees.

You need to understand what quality local online advertising is to decide if Yodle is worth the money. Good online marketing and high rankings can be summed up to Good Content and Links to your website.

I wrote this review back in 2012, so some of the pricing may be dated. The rest is still relevant in 2018.

How Much Does Yodle Cost? | Yodle Pricing | Yodle Fees

The cost for the Yodle package outlined above is $179.00 per/town, per/month, and no set-up fee. If you visit the Yodle website for pricing, you will be directed to a squeeze page (a page designed to acquire your contact info) before you get answers. You pay only for the first two-three months, then just the months you are on the front page of Google. However, their legal guarantee does not cover the first 2-3 months; you have to pay for those.

The gist of what I have been hearing from their customers is that they get you on the first page for keywords that just don’t convert to leads or customers. Concerns reported by people that signed on for a $450.00 a month package.

After three months they have spent close to $1400.00 and have not got enough new customers to break even. They then bailout taking the loss. Then they are left trying to reclaim their own Local Google Maps and Bing Listings. Yodle claimed them during this time and changed their phone number to a Yodle tracking number.

It takes longer than three months for most campaigns to become effective. It appears that Yodle is not correctly setting customer expectations. Their sales staff is more interested in getting the sale than honestly and adequately setting expectations.

PRO’s and CON’s of doing your local online advertising with Yodle


There are many negatives to this, which include:

  1. Having two domain names with the same content is a Google no-no, Google penalizes websites for having duplicate content. If they out-rank your existing website, it will be your website that gets punished for having duplicate content, not the Yodle site.
  2. As soon as you stop paying them, you own nothing; they redirect traffic to someone else, maybe a local competitor.
  3. If you had invested this money with a local online advertising company (*cough like mine), Your website would be yours and continue to produce leads for years to come, even if you stopped paying for services.
  4. For almost $200.00 a month you only get optimized for one town.
  5. The sites I have audited have very little content and pretty crappy link profiles.

Pro’s: This is a slightly better system than Home Advisor or Roof Networx – Yodle vs. Home Advisor Comparison

Local online advertising with Yodle is a lot like lead generation sites like Service Magic a.k.a. Home Advisor, money goes to generating leads, as soon as you stop paying the company, you have nothing to show for your investment, but hopefully, you made some money off the sales-leads, more than you spent for all of them.

Yodle is better than Home Advisor because they generate leads just for you, and Service Magic /Home Advisor sells their leads to you and two other competing contractors. But Yodle owns the domain name and phone number to your business (not-good)!

Also with Lead gen sites, you pay per lead, Yodle fees fixed at a maximum monthly amount. So let’s do the math: If Home Advisor charges 30.00 a for a potential customer, and gives you 30 new roof leads a month, it cost $900.00, but if you can generate more than six jobs a month with Yodle, each lead after the first six are free. Your total investment is $179.00. So Yodle would be better “if” they could get you more than six leads.

Negatives: They provide you with a call tracking phone number

It doesn’t sound like a negative when they say it. They tell you the call tracking phone number is so you can follow all the leads you’re getting from them in a report. The report shows how many phone calls you get from their online advertising. That piece is good! It would be great if you got to keep the phone number at some point, but you don’t.

Sounds good right? Well, this is one more way they own you! If you stop feeding the machine, they stop redirecting your calls to you. People looking for your brand will find Yodle’s phone number, not yours. If you ever want to change internet advertising providers, they will not port the phone number to you.

Also, they put their phone number on your Yahoo, Bing, and Google local directory listings. So good luck ranking locally, or even reclaiming your own business on these local directories, should you want to change service providers or go it alone. Google won’t list a company with two different phone numbers for one address. They will think you’re trying to spam their directory, even though your not.

PRO’s: They put you on the front page of Google and have a “legal guarantee.”

Downside seems limited; if they don’t do what they say they will, you don’t pay. The loss is limited to 2-3 months of $179.00 (if you only go for a one town package). They will keep working to get your business listed on the first page of Google for free after the first 2-3 months, no further cost until your ranking.

I would caution anyone thinking of using the Yodle for local online advertising, be particular about what qualifies as being on the first page. Make sure they are guaranteeing you get on Google for competitive keywords and not the name of your business.

It is super easy to rank well for your unique company name. The challenge is getting ranked well for your industry-specific keywords with a large amount of search volume. Also, which section of the search engine qualifies as listed on Google Maps? AdWords /PPC? or Organic?

What is Yodle Roofing?

Yodle is trying to rank themselves for searches done by roofing contractors looking for local online advertising agencies. So besides optimizing their website, they have begun creating category specific sites like Yodle Roofing, Yodle Dentists, Yodle Lawyers, etc.

I use a similar tactic to attract all forms of contractors. Instead of creating new sites on different domains, I have a specific page on my primary web address. See my contractor advertising page for example. People doing searches for contractor advertising companies find this page.

Yodle is targeting specific industries with unique domain names and websites. It makes them look like specialists in these fields. I mainly work with local contractors and professionals in the United States; Yodle does not specialize, they only look like they do.

Local online advertising & return on investment

Successfully marketing means making money! If you can give Yodle $179.00 a month and they can give you one or two new customers a month, or even a year, would it be worth the investment? For many contractors, the answer is yes! Many roofing contractors, for example, give $250.00 kickbacks for a single sold job. If you’re getting more than one a month with Yodel, its worth $179.00 all day long.

It is plain to most people that it is better to own than to rent for obvious reasons

Consider what your business would be worth should you go to sell it in five years. You will get a lot more for it if you own your website and phone number. With a site that generates a 100k per year in new business, versus renting a domain name, website, and phone number.

Investing in your online presence builds equity in your company and eventually reduces the cost of leads. What will you do if they decide to raise rates, or sell out to another company? Your stuck starting from scratch to build a web presence. Also, all your old customers that have that tracking phone number have no way to get a hold of you if you end up leaving or using a less expensive service.

I believe people who only have a small amount to pay for attracting new customers, might be better off learning to use Google Adwords on their own, or working with a local online advertising company, and investing in their businesses online presence. An online presence that will pay them back in leads, years after they stop paying for online marketing services.

Why invest and build up a brand if someone else owns the domain name or phone number for that brand?

Is Yodle worth it? – Yodle Review

Be sure to read the comments below; I have some great comments from previous Yodle customers and one comment from Yodle themselves. Every-time someone writes a review about them, their reputation management team joins the conversation and tries to smooth things over.

By now you may have guessed that I am in direct competition with Yodle. But what I am telling you is the honest to God truth! There are better options available. Local online advertising is worth it, but you need to get with a company that isn’t going to give you a crappy little website that has no original content and a weak link profile.

If you insist on going with Yodle, only sign up for their cheapest package. It is overpriced in my opinion but offers way more value than their more expensive offerings.

I (Mike) wrote the article above and have a lot of people contacting me to compare online advertising packages and see what I offer. After several years I have opened enrollment for new customers. I am only accepting ten in 2018. Contact Form


  1. Thank you for posting your open-minded thoughts on Yodle. I do have a customer who decided to take them up on their offer. So, yes, he’s on the first page of Google results for home remodeling in a specific town. And yes, you’re right – it’s not his business, but a stand-in URL that is generating the leads. But he also asked me to put up a website for him. It’s been about 2 months and the website — without any optimization — is outperforming his Yodle site in generating leads. As a webmaster experienced in local marketing techniques, it pains me a great deal to see him throw money into a rented listing as you put it. How do I explain that it would be far better to invest in his own site, when he’s told me he doesn’t care where his leads come from? I wish I could tell him that by using a 3rd party site to generate leads, he’s missing out on a lot of insight into his customers – what keywords they use, what pages they visit – how many and where do they many leave without getting a quote. Plus, his competitors are making the sites they own stronger marketing tools, while he isn’t. There are so many disadvantages to the 3rd party marketing model, but how do you explain this to your customer if they don’t really understand local marketing?

    • You made some great arguments yourself why they should just stick with you. As you said lots of great data to comb through when you own the site.

      ROI is ROI, after all is said and done if his company profits more with Yodle it is tough to argue with profits. I’m glad he sees your worth and learns to see a dollar invested with you equals more ROI than a dollar invested with Yodle. What more could you do with that $200-$400? I know I could probably get more leads via PPC.

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. very interesiting post. What about price of the service? If Yodle is serving the customer for 179$ /month and delivering majority of sales/marketing process it may be more effective then tailored service , even if “own” is better then “rent” ?

    • To answer your question – they don’t deliver. The money is better spent optimizing the site you get to keep. If you don’t want to take my word for it, Google “Yodle Ripoff” and hear what their customers are saying.

      One of their tricks to get you onto page one is to replace your url in your Google Places listing with theirs ( Consequently they deserve NO CREDIT” for getting you there, but they don’t mention that. Then you have your existing customers calling in on their “special phone number”. Also, I’ve seen one of my client’s sites get “punished” by Google for duplicate content because of them – falling to #97 from a page one ranking before Yodle entered the picture.

      • Thanks for taking the time to post. That rip-off report is very telling. Yodle has damage control on lock-down, every time I see a negative post about their company, there is a seemingly very concerned reply in the comments from a Yodle rep. That’s something people can take away, reputation management is important online, and timely responses to criticism can help reduce damage. Yodel goes after a lot of roofing companies. They promise a ton of roofing leads, take over the clients Google Maps, run them dry, and just find another roofer to bleed.

  3. Wow! I almost signed up tonight. They are very convincing. Online advertising or any advertising has become very confusing. It was a lot simpler when phone books required a business phone number and the net was not a factor. I’m going to have to give my local advertising a lot of thought. I am a roofing contractor. I’m now leaning toward local penny savers and news papers. The phone books (Here, there are three) are shrinking and no longer provide white pages. With smart phones gaining popularity, yellow pages are slowly in decline. PPC doesn’t guaranty that the click is a buyer. Service pro is beginning to look pretty good. All I want is to be out in front of my “Ready To Buy” market that I had during the days of the lone phone book.

    • Hey Scott, I work with a lot of roofers. I remember the good old days when the news paper worked. Don’t let me put you off Yodle. You would get a hell of a lot more for your money with my company, but you should have a powerful web presence. For Roofing Contractors it is worth the investment, even if you over paid for a service like Yodle. Get with someone you trust and invest the money! I worked in the roofing industry so I know what I’m talking about.

      If you knew the true potential of online advertising you would invest all the money you could get your hands on! I’m serious, the return on investment is awesome. If you can get even $350.00 to $400.00 a square, you could pay off a years worth of advertising with 2 jobs, then the next 20-30 roofs are all profit. I used to give $300.00 to $500.00 for a referral if I sold the roof. ten of those is 3k to 5k. If you invest 5k a year for two years, you could take the next 3 years off and coast on your rankings (not that I would).

      Like I said, If you knew what I do, you would be happy to pay five grand a year. I have one guy on the 5k plan, his website is like savoir-fair, it’s everywhere! you do a search in frigan china, his website will pop-up out of a bowl of rice! Find someone you can trust and see what they are actually doing for their clients. You can’t lie, go do a search for the keywords and see if the company they represent is on top of Google.

  4. I have a question. We have hired Yodle and haven’t really gotten anything but 1 client. Its been 2 months. If we cancel with them, how do I get my domain back and my phone number to reappear instead of their tracking number and their website. My husband is not as worried but to be honest, I’m kinda freaking out now that I have read this. We have worked so hard at our website and business that I don’t want Yodle to affect it!!

    • You’re in a tight spot now! Google uses your business name address and phone number (NAP)to identify your business. Now having to change it is a long, difficult process and it sends confusing signals to Google. I am surprised that they used your domain name, they usually get the .net version of your .com, and copy your site content onto their domain (.net version), which is another problem (duplicate content).

      They should have warned you it would take longer than a couple of months. I would ask for a money back guarantee and continue with them, but you need to define acceptable and realistic goals with that warranty! I know they suck in the short run, but honestly, we all do (unless you have money to burn). If you are spending 200-300 a month, you should not expect a significant return on that investment until the end of the first year, and only if your margins permit it. Contractors can make their whole advertising budget for a year with one job, people in the cleaning industry may need ten services before they see a profit on a marketing investment.

      You have to manually reclaim all your directory listings and re-list your proper Name, Address, Phone number, Email Address, web address, etc. You have to have a hosting account and repoint your domain to it if they have ported it. All you have to do to find all the directories with the wrong information is do a Google search for the tracking number they assigned you. Try and ask them to allow you to port the number. Tell them you will not ask for a refund if they give it to you. Most directories will let you change your email address and web address without re-verifying your listing. You will find it very challenging to claim and verify directory listings where you don’t own the number.

      Its a lot of work, but try to have a solid plan in effect before you make a move.

  5. Another annoyed potential customer of Yodel
    Just called _ with the new plan of scam..

    Here is what is worth saying about these yodel and the like, systems. They are backward and dishonest. Charging the contractor to meet with and find out the customers ” name and needs” Is what we used to call a Bid or Estimate . Now they call it a lead, fair enough. But when your lead has fifteen other contractors going out to the customer home, and the customer is basically prostituted into a money making system, for the Yodel team_ it is controverted at best, and at worst it is a scam on the customer and the contractor.
    The problem as I see it;
    I have had these guys argue with me for what seems like hours on the phone every month or so. There basic sales pitch.? Why I might want to pay all kinds of money on their crafty systems to get me in front of customers. It would be understandable, as I do need customers, that cant pay their bill. But,..I don’t need fake leads and ads, and to be the tenth or fifteenth contractor out to the prospects house. Its just to costly in time and expense. So. Leads are now customers. And hats where the money is made_ These guys are the use car-salesmen of the new century. There is no qualifying, no information intake of any type being prepared for the service needed and therefore no real prospect.

    So this is a business all it own and don’t be fooled as to the its true purpose. Those who pay and don’t get results subsidize the system and those who have the connections to get to the top. And on top of that, yodel wants their share for bringing the un-qualified prospect to you with no guarantee of any kind of real project being sold_ It smells and the only one making money is the yodel team and those like them. Charging contractors fees by the dozens for one small potential customer.
    All though it is not with-out fault on the part of the customer, they want services at rock bottom prices, and materials with out mark-up, they want it now and cheap. Mix the both together and you get yodel on there customers._

    A good possible solution:
    But the customers are less to blame, as this is what yodel infers when they offer these service connections online with just a click. What is the solution?. Develop a business that vets contractors and customers, and matches them with a minimal fee per year for the customer, and a per time estimate fee, In which four to five vetted and proven licenced or properly train and background checked contractors will arrive. Their mission is to first do an estimate return it with in two days for review. Next the chosen contractor, will complete the project in a timely and professional manner. All at competitive rate that reflect the cost that are honest and truthful. It that simple.

    Stop selling the customer to the contractor, and contractor to the customer. And stop allowing yodel and those like them to profect for nothing_ Make your Money count, and your connection for a turn valued service in stead of blue sky. Real customers want professional and true workmanship. professionals practice their trade and train for just such service. Pay for what you get.

    When the real service connection company arrives I will support it, if the intranet service connection company like yodel can do this they will be honest once more. Until then just another group of charlatans
    Signed a real lic contractor and builder for 25 yrs_

    • I didn’t think Yodle acquired leads and sold them to many contractors. I thought only Service magic / Now Home Advisor and some others worked that model. I thought Yodle just sold websites for contractors, Lawyers, and Dentists. What you are saying is new to me.

      I personally would not support any new model fair or otherwise, because they are competing against my customers on the search engines. If your a reputable business and professional and all that, you should be investing in your own website, and through that website be generating your own leads. Children are dependent on others for their needs, get in the game and invest in your self and your business.

      I advertise for a builder in Michigan, after just 3 months he is getting calls, and informed me today he signed a 25k addition. Not a big deal, but he only pays me two hundred a month / 24 hundred a year. He can peal off 10% of that new job, pay me for the year, and every other job he gets for the rest of the year is gravy.

      I wish people would get it through their heads that lead gen sites are the competition, they’re competing for your customers against you, to sell you the lead you should have got in the first place.

      Thanks for sharing-

    • I love your idea for creating a system to match reliable contractors with reliable clients. Maybe you should be the guy to move this forward and if so let me know how it goes. In the meantime, try Angie’s List which is the closest I’ve gotten since I’ve been in the trades (about 15 yrs full time). Been through the newspaper, online listings, yellow pages, and various “service magic” type of outfits and AL is the closest I’ve gotten to what I really need – an honest customer who will pay an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. just sayin

  6. Yodle as well as any other company similar (Reach Local, Gannet, etc.) do have their pro and cons. Although the fact that a review is coming from someone who owns an advertising company makes me think the scale may be tipped to favor his own company.

    Having used each of these companies as well as smaller local companies, I have found that the results are typically the same: Dismal to decent. The reality of the matter is that advertising is a risk and there are a lot of other factors that play a role in a business’ success.

    I have used Yodle for about a year before hiring an in-house marketer this past June. In my industry, dentistry, marketing is a necessary evil; necessary nonetheless. Some of my months with Yodle I barely broke even, others I lost a few hundred and others I made money.

    There are a few inconsistencies in my experience and what is outlined in this article.

    First, the websites Yodle built (desktop and mobile) were transferred over to me when I put in my request to cancel, so was the tracking line. It is noted in their agreement that they have 5 business days to transfer the rights of the website. Which they did, although I did have to pay a $199 for the domain name that it was tied to. They gave me the option to stay with them for hosting/tracking for $49 per month but I decided to host it with GoDaddy for a lot less.

    Second, there use to be a Yodle “Page One” Guarantee, In fact when I signed up there was. I referred a few people to Yodle who are overwhelmed with marketing recently and they have taken that out of their agreement. Whether by choice or not is still under question as this is a requirement by Google for all Premier SMB partners.

    Lastly, my extended family in several blue collar industries have or currently use Yodle have never been sold an individual “lead”. It is also stated in their agreement policies (I know having overlooked them on behalf of them. Yes, the consumer may contact several contractors who appear on the first page – Again proving other factors are typically involved in marketing.

    The small business owner needs to understand that marketing/advertising is only a part of developing a successful business. You must answer your phone, you must train your staff to handle incoming calls, more importantly you need to provide a great service.

    Advertising can be overwhelming, especially for the small business. Business owners need to educate themselves and make the best decision with their budget in mind. For someone who lacks either to learn the ins and outs of advertising I highly suggest using a company like Yodle, Reach Local or (*cough like Mr. Kern’s).

    • Appreciate the feed back and your personal experience. As I have never actually hired them, I can only report what I have investigated and what others have shared. I like the way you closed your statement with the piece about business owners needing to educate them selves. Thx again for participating!

      • Hey Mike I have been ripped off by 1st ,rank now iam on with yodel for 2months and I took there 500dollar a month pacage and have got 1 call and no goggle placement at all I have told my son and partner that iam so frustrated now iam not sure what to do we are also with home advisor and although they are expensive we get 80% of our work from them please get back to me and let me no how I can hire you thanks mike

        • Sorry, it took so long to respond, but we are not taking on any new customers. I wish there was an option I could refer you too. Obviously stay with Home Advisor as long as the return on investment is there. But look for a small marketing company, the big box options are rubbish. The things I could do with a 500/mo budget woof. Also, two months is a little early to be looking for results unless they are doing some PPC ads for you. Stay Cool, pun intended

  7. this would be a useful review if you weren’t an advertising company yourself or maybe if you were a previous customer. I am looking at Yodle right now for consideration… if they are so incompetent then why do they have the most costumers without locking them into long contracts? This is what I need to know before I sign up.

    • Yodle invests heavily in their sales force. They can claim the most customers even if they have an average customer life of 5 months because they are pouring money into acquiring new customers. The job of getting that customer life to longer than 5 months is the focus for a different part of the business.

    • Yodle has a vast customer base because of the way they lock their customers in. On one hand, many clients report that their services are not performing, but they feel trapped- I’ve experienced several businesses that may have multiple pages (black hat SEO, ask google), simply because they don’t want to lose their Yodle number, yellow pages listing etc. Specifically the google listing. And yodle would not embed the link to their active page, but would post a page in latin utilizing the client’s domain name as well.

  8. Hi there!
    This is a great topic! Yodel hit me up about 5 years ago when I first started my business.
    Money was tight so I didn’t sign up(Thank God). They’ve actually called me every 6 mos since then. They call themselves Yodel Plumbing”. It should be Yodel Scumbags”!
    Over the years I’ve done a lot of research about online presence. It’s all about links to your sight and content like the gentleman above said. I’ve done a little business with some SEO companies so far and it seems like this industry(SEO) has a bunch of scammers out there. This one company said they would improve my online presence but it was for keywords nobody searched. I wish I knew how to do this SEO stuff myself because I’m tired of throwing money away to SEO companies that lie. I’d love to here from the gentleman that wrote this article.

  9. Deceptive business practices and nothing they sell you on is in writing. They will not deliver even 1% of what they promise. Save your money and spend it elsewhere! I was initially told that for $1250 per month I would receive 20-30 leads per month. I shut it down after month 2 when I only received 1 phone call total even though their system shows 4 leads total. I asked for a refund of $1250 since obviously the campaign didn’t work. They even informed me that my account wasn’t spending on the PPC end. $1000 per month was allotted to this as well so technically according to what I had been told by Mark Foley in their Phoenix office I should have still had $1600 left in this account that wasn’t being used. I filed a chargeback with my bank for 1of the 2 payments,and since nothing is in writing, and I never received a written copy of the terms and conditions, I’m pretty much screwed and out all the money. Good for Yodle they have figured out a way to legally steal my money by being deceptive. I am very disappointed. I had very high hopes for this from the start. They have what seems to be a great concept and plan but it just didn’t work. I would have gladly spent 3 times this amount if it had even delivered half of what was sold to me. I should have been more careful and not trusted a publicly traded company. Shame on me I guess?

    • Not shame on you, Fool you again, shame on you! They have a very clean authoritative presence and have answers for everything. I didn’t realize they were publicly traded. That is just one more reason to dislike them. I may look for an opportunity to short their stock.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      • Ben – I am very sorry to hear about your experience, as I would expect Yodle to over deliver on their promise, given a very seasoned leadership team and backing from several prominent VCs. I suggest for you to escalate to their leadership and demand that your money will be returned.

        Michael – Yodle is a private company, which successfully raised $40M from VCs over the years. They are significantly growing with latest reported revenue of $163M in 2013 up from $150M in 2012 and 1,100 workforce (mostly sales) up from 800 in 2012. There was a thought of doing IPO in 2012:, but that hasn’t happened.

        Full disclosure – I am not associated with Yodle, however my true interest is in building a marketplace/network that will truly help small businesses generate qualified leads that will result in business growth and customer satisfaction. It seems that Yodle is overselling and under delivering, at least from the posts here. I would like to create a system that will under sell and over deliver.

        If anyone is interested in collaboration, and possibly becoming a pilot customer (for free of course), please let me know.

      • Yeah thus is just an advertising company as well trying to capture people who are look ing up yodle to see if it’s worth it. Yodle is the best. At least for the money. This Michael is trying to look unbiased but the fact is he can’t do what yodle does for the money not even close to what Yodle’s Essentials package offers. No one can. Yodle was just rated by Forbes magazine as the #9 most promising company in the United states. They crush the competition and there are a lot of smaller company’s out there that don’t have nearly the expertise and it is alot of jealousy honestly. Yodle has the money to hire the best marketing minds available and always seem ahead of the curve. Don’t fall for these nobody’s claiming they can do it better. The best thing Michael ever did was create this article to draw atrenton to himself while discussing yodle. Don’t listen to this guy’s views. He just wants your money.

        • I rarely take on any new clients. And quite frankly there maybe some advertising experts working for yodle, but to say they know more than me, or what I’ve written here is not true, is deluded. Since you did not leave a link in your comment, I will post it. Also, I have never heard about Yodle’s Essentials package? Please enlighten us all… Explain how you would be better off than spending $14.00 a month with a pro package from Sitey…I’m all ears!

          • The 5 star reviews don’t seem legitimate, this company have no clue about SEO and there is no way anyone can be satisfied when I only got two calls in three months, that meas that I paid $750 per lead, like I said before, Yodle All-In-One Local Internet Marketing & Advertising company is a ripoff.

    • I’ve had them for about 2 years. Im actually losing customers because they put “their” number out there and tell you they can’t use your real number…they can but it’s how they hold it over your head…if you quit their service you lose all Web presence. I think the other big companies are paying more therefore they always get more so yodle takes care of them.

  10. They promise us a full refund of all fees if not satisfied but when we asked for a refund they appear to have carefully covered themselves “legally” so that they wouldn’t have to give us any refund.

    The tricky “conditions” of the full refund were only clear after the fact and they were not what was implied in all of our “verbal” sales talk.

    I was told yesterday by a Yodle rep that “under no circumstances will Yodle EVER refund our money”. When I asked for a supervisor I was told that “there was no supervisor to talk to”.

    I can vouch that Yodle did more harm than good to my husband’s company.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, I have heard the no supervisor BS before and it drives me crazy. If you were making payments with a credit card you may be able to recover some money.

      • Elizabeth – There are ways you can fight it as a business consumer. The key is you have to be relentless, so neither Ydle nor anyone else will take advantage of you, that is if you feel you have been taken advantage of. Here’s what I would have done:

        Step 1 – Call Yodle and demand to speak with a manager. Write down all the names and details of the call. If there is a resistance, as to speak, actually demand to speak with Erin Brockman, who is VP of client services. Document the conversation, and demand Erin to call you back within 24 hours. In case this does not work, move to step 2.

        Step 2 – Each business is part of BBB and DnB: You can file a complaint with BBB and force yodle to respond: You can also report them to DnB:

        Step 3 – File a complaint with your credit card company and ask them to mediate. Share all the information you collected.

        Please note, I typically would not go to Step 2 and Step 3, because at the end of the day, you should be able to resolve any issues in step one. Giving the fact that Yodle appears to be a reputable company with over 1,000 employees, there must be a way to resolve your situation, because at the end of the day if you go to step 2 and step 3, Yodle will spend much more money and time to try and clear their record.

        Hope this helps.

  11. I was scheduled today to speak to one of Yodel’s representatives, and literally 3o minutes prior to their call, I decided to do a little more research. I’m glad I did!

    I’ve had the experience with my small Electrical business to sign up with: Service Magic.
    At that time, I was ALL trusting and needed customers just like any contractor. I can honestly say that if I were not diligent and stayed on top of the “charged leads”, I would NOT have been profitable with them.

    It appears, after reading each of these comments, that the local advertising is the best option, and in all honesty, would help the local economy and opens up more of an accountability to each party.

    Thanks for sharing, each of you just saved another small business owner from the “sharks” on line.

    • Thanks Stephen for taking the time to comment!

      It is important for local economies that small businesses succeed. It is my belief that few get a return on their investment, and therefore do not succeed when signing with companies like Yodel. More import possibly than the money, is the time that is wasted by these corporate leaches.

      It has been said before: “it is harder to get a customer than to keep one”. We technicians that have struggled to get customers and learn to run a business as it should be run, would do well to remember this lesson. We need to take good care of our current and previous customers, and try to maintain a dialog so that when they need us, we are top of mind and easy to get a hold of.

  12. Ive had success using yodle. The trick is to say u cant afford their price! Then they say i have a rep right here, they talk, then tou get a cheaper price. Im paying $125.00 a month and its def. paid for it on a yearly basis for GOOD jobs leads. But i dont just use them, i run my own website & if course referrals is coming back now. So spend a little, create your own website, & do good jobs and youll be fine.

  13. Yodle cost me almost $4 thousand dollars and I got $300 worth of business out of it. Needless to say I’d recommend to avoid these crooks like the plague.

    Yodle claims that there just wasn’t enough market to use up my funds through web advertising (even though they projected hundreds of calls and many new customers), but they refuse to refund any unused funds and claim that the unused funds can only be used on one of their “other products”.

  14. I have a new client who has been working with Yodel for years and was actually penalized by Google several months ago. They fired the previous SEO company but after reading this I’m wondering if the Google Panda duplicate content update in 2011 and the fact Yodel used mirror websites for their 30+ franchise locations caused this issue!

    I was SHOCKED to discover their shady business model! They register a new domain name (you don’t own), create an exact copy of your website (duplicate content) and put a new phone number on it (you don’t own). What happens to the domain name when they cancel? Unreal!

  15. Great feedback. I had the pleasure of speaking with a Yodle rep today and after a lot of “hmm I think so ” answers to my questions the sales rep transferred me to his manager. She persisted on me signing up and compared the 299 fee to buying a steak dinner.. ” you just have to have faith and trust us ” There is no guarantee.. When you ask them about the complaints on complaint board they tell you it is the clients fault and they would not be in business still and a google premiere supplier if they did un ethical business.. I almost signed up until she ( the manager ) kept digging herself into a deeper hole. They tell you that you will find out the details after you sign up and record the disclosure of what they will do for you ( this is only to protect them if you cancel or quit paying them ) I asked if i am provided with a copy of the transcript so I know what they are committing too and she said no but to trust them.. ANY reputable company has some type of guarantee to back them up. these guys do not..

  16. Yodle All-In-One Local Internet Marketing & Advertising company is a ripoff, they promised 8 to 16 calls per month and received only 2 in a 3 month period, my ads hardly showed up on the search engine results and they were using all the wrong keywords and key phrases. Also, they built a few page website that had terrible content and were only targeting one city instead of twelve as discussed at the beginning of the signup. They never called once to see if I was happy with the service and then they try to talk me into signing up for a higher price package, their customer service sucks. I would not recommend this Yodle.

  17. Obviously Yodle — who has contacted me — sounds awful. Especially the part about them practically owning your phone number, etc. So, who to use then? We are a building contract cleaning company. In my business, if you get one new property under contract every six months, it is a great year. So, I don’t need tons of new customers every year — just a couple.

  18. On March 2nd I was cointacted by Erin Millender regarding internet services. After much badgering, I signed up and gave her my credit card #. Early the next morning I emailed her to cancel my purchase (March 3rd). She did not respond so I called the company’s customer service #, and emailed customer service to have my credit card be refunded the funds. ($998).

    I received an email saying that a ‘customer service representative would call me back. I emailed them back, telling them that was no necessary. They should just refund my money since I changed my mind. On March 5th, I emailed them again asking about my refund. I received a call from Sonny who told me he would take care of it. Then he proceeded to tell me how much Yodle had already invested in ‘my success’. I asked him again to process the refund. He continued to filibuster. I had to hang up on him because he would not confirm he was going to process the refund.

    Later that evening I received an email from Sonny telling me the had to ‘review’ my refund at high management.

    It seems to me they are trying to run out the clock and hope I will tire of trying to get my money back. Both contacts with this company have been negative. The people, Erin, and Sonny do not listen when you tell them something, and Erin is very high pressure. Sonny will agree and agree about the refund, but not process it, refusing to confirm he will refund the money.

    I received no services from Yodle,. I cancelled within hours of the agreement. Their refusal to issue a proper refund, and the delays and endless excuses are not tolerable. I want my money back.

  19. This is a very out dated version on Yodle’s platform, which continues to evolve with the times and expanding online marketing industry, and a bit biased coming from a website designed to try and get advertising dollars themselves. However, I believe it is fair to say that NO marketing plan is guaranteed. You the business owner still need to dictate what message you want to drive, you the business owner have to utilize the tools provided. If you think that you simply buy advertising of any sort and you magically become the next mr handyman or walmart…well, you need to evaluate your business plan in general. Anyhow, for a fraction of what you would pay an in house marketing manager or sales team, if you use the technology and resources provided you will do very well, if not, it may not be the platform. Work Ethic is the key to success and I wish all of you sales and marketers jumping in on this post to get your 2 cents in nothing but success!

  20. Hello. I was contacted by Yodle (for the hundredth time) and for some reason I actually stayed on the phone and listened to the entire pitch and presentation. I’m a- a sucker, b- too nice and c- in need of more business. So I caved, even though in my gut I didn’t feel it was the best option. I sat on it for a day, did not sign the contract, and proceeded to read reviews on the company (mainly from here) and decided I should cancel. I called to cancel- and they did the same thing to me, saying they already invested in my business, spent money on the “domain” and blah, blah, blah. I argued with a manager for 30 minutes- saying I wanted to cancel, I want to cancel, I AM CANCELING… and he just kept going, he would not stop. Eventually, he lowered my monthly payment and put me from a 6-month contract to a 3-month contract. They are extremely good and being sales people- but they do not care about my little photography business. So I am in a little pickle- after signing the new contract and speaking with my account manager I still feel like Yodle is not right for me. The adversite is crap it will not do justice to my work and the wording is horrible and not what I want my customers to read (which is exactly what I thought and told the sales/manager person on the phone.) So my question is- how do I get out of it? I tried standing my ground last time to cancel and failed. (My bad, I know.) But I still want out. It just doesn’t seem like its a good idea. Can I still cancel? Can I ask for a refund even though I signed the contract? (Its only been like 2 days) Any advice is appreciated.

    • I would not discuss it with them and file a case with credit card, or paypal, or whoever you used to make the payment. They will either completely refund you, or at least mediate the best deal possible. Consumer protection. Then I would contact local attorney general and leave a review with yelp and bbb.

  21. how there isn’t a class action suit against yodle yet is beyond me. It’s no better than a Ponzi scheme Imo. They convinced me with their presentation leading me to believe they’re going to get me listed highly on Google. I get no better than 4th page when I search relevant keywords. Typically I review investments like this before buying but I was pressed for time when they put on the hard sale with the old ” this is the last day of this special price ” line lmfao., I can’t believe I fell for it. Almost 2 months in and 660 bucks later, not a single lead. I emailed them to cancel my service and if I’m billed next month I will file a bbb complaint. I’m afraid they’ll charge my account anyway so I think I’ll talk to my bank about closing my account and reopening another so they can’t. Stay away!

  22. false promises about a personal rep
    bad useless leads
    no concern for me once they got my credit card
    7 months $3500 = nothing
    now I am trying to repair all of the damage yodle has done
    all of the online search engines point to the crappy site yodle created – yodle actually drives traffic away from its customer’s sites and installs an 888 phone number so that when you leave yodle every search engine will lead nowhere – Probably pay yext another $500 to fix this

    • Screw yext too. It’s your business name, so you can claim those directory listings. It’s a lot like work, but take the time to start claiming your own directory listings. There is no automated process as good as personally filling out directory listings. Only you can make sure the category is right, and that your company description is spot on. Do some research on local directory advertising first… It could be the most important online marketing you set up. Best thing you can do is a BBB complaint

  23. I would give a 0 star rating if I could. They are a rip off! The site is poorly designed and includes advertisement for services we do not offer. When we discussed this with a rep we were told they would not change it. We were originally told a web site would be designed and presented to us for approval. Big lie! Now we are over $4000 into this with no results. They’re answer to this is that when you climb up the ladder you get more leads. Sounds a little like a pyramid scheme to me. Well, the time to say that was before money was laid out. Now I’m looking for a lawyer to handle this because they will not stop the service and never asked for a renewal. I am also contacting the better business bureau and I hope the attorney general will investigate this company. They deliver nothing for the money they take. Be wise, say “NO”

    • Sad thing is this… I create laser targeted webpages fully SEO optimized, locally optimized for $165.00 a month, and I spend close to 100.00 on Google ads from that $165.00. SO that’s PPC service, Webdesign service, SEO service, Hosting, Digital and Small Business Marketing Consulting, with a personal touch for what actually turns out to be just like 50 bucks a month that goes to me. Meanwhile all these giant corporations are charging thousands and producing swat.

  24. Looking for the best for marketing my brand that’s not going to put there name on my brand . Just need trided home advisor and it was not good for me at all .yodel was going for it but not after doing some reading

    • Millions of small businesses use WordPress as a website including me. Hosting is cheap, there are thousands of web developers familiar with the WordPress platform. You can hire cheap developers on Build a simple 5-page website describing your company and services, and then get busy marketing it.

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