January 22, 2020

Consultant – Michael Kern

Michael Kern - Consultant
Marketing & Personal/Business Consultant

For more years than I now care to mention, I have been working to get websites ranked high in search engines. Years of practice, love of business and marketing, and an intense competitive nature have transformed me into a professional SEO Consultant.

All search engine optimization strategies and tactics I employ or teach are ethical best practices. I have a holistic approach to SEO. Whatever element can be improved to help a page rank better is a factor for consideration.

SEO Consulting Fees

I bill hourly for consulting services. For most customers I will package hours and then exceed expectations. I have packages for SEO site audits, link building, competitive analysis and keyword research.

I typically work way more then the budget allows and consequently don’t get paid for the extra work. At times I probably make less than I should. But I love what I do, make my own hours, and never want for work.

There are other professional SEO consultants that make $4000.00 – $10,000.000 dollars an hour. These are the superstars that are highly sought after for speaking engagements and training seminars. They have done a good job of branding themselves and have the portfolio’s to support their fees. I charge only $850.00 per hour and packages may include my personal / business development products. Those who go for the latter get the best results.

Getting off on the right foot is important, but I couldn’t possibly think of one thing these superstars know that I don’t today. You see, I have reverse engineered all the best campaigns and studied the best SEO strategies. There is nothing secret on the web, it is all out there for the viewing with the proper tools.

Maybe someday I’ll get that rock star persona and get a write up in wired magazine, till then I will just keep doing the best I can, one customer at a time.

Consultant Audits & ROI

My SEO audits are extremely valuable for web designers and business owners with an in-house development team. Maybe you are your development team? My reports list and include: technical errors most web designers are oblivious to, keyword and content ideas, link opportunities for new and existing content assets, as well as the usual on-page optimization suggestions for each and every page.

Needed SEO audits and reports will improve traffic by an average of 40% if suggestions are carried out. The new traffic will be better able to meet specific on-page goals. If you can improve your bounce rate and conversion rate while increasing traffic, you will see a huge lift to revenue.

If you have been monitoring analytic data and tracking conversions you already know the value of site traffic. What would a 33% to 50% increase in targeted traffic do for your business?

SEO Consultant Local Services

90% of all my customers sell services and products locally. If Google shows businesses on their local maps, my customers are listed in it. This is a specialty of mine. I have a customer in the top three local maps for 100’s of keywords when you combine all the towns and services he is optimized for. Read this case study for more information.

Your SEO consultant should be able to get you in the top three of Google Maps. There are a few things unique to local optimization, but all the principles are basically the same. It can take some time to do this, but it is basically the easiest way to rank high on Google.

SEO Consultant Plus | Value Added

Seo consultants consult, web designers design, and developers develop. Many people hire a web designer to build them a website, then to get traffic to their site they hire an SEO, then to fix and repair technical issues discovered by the SEO they hire a Developer, this can get pretty expensive.

I manage all aspects of marketing for many of my clients. I am not a developer or graphic designer so I import my clients to a CMS that I am completely familiar with, and have relationships with talented creative people.


I’m am grateful that SEO is becoming mainstream, I rarely have to explain what I do anymore to people. SEO consultants were getting a bad reputation for a while. But with people now understanding the benefits and realizing they need to check references and look at case studies, fewer customers are being taken advantage of.

I hope you found this article informative and share it with anyone who may be in need of an SEO consultant. I offer free evaluations to see if you could benefit from my services. If I don’t think I can make a significant impact, or offer a high ROI, I will pass on the job.

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