June 19, 2018

Affordable SEO Company

one man affordable seo companySix Of One – Half Dozen Of Another

I work from home, been at it since 1997, and do all SEO work personally, so with all things being equal, why not go with the less expensive and affordable SEO Company?

The difference between the expensive SEO agencies and mine is not a matter of expertise, it’s a matter of greed and overhead. Both companies do the same professional job! We do site audits, research keywords, competitive analysis, track results, while building links with quality content and content promotion. I just happen to charge less for these services.

Search Engine Optimization Services You Can Afford

Get the most out of your advertising budget with several plans that start at just $100.00 a month. Sometimes I have to work hard to get targeted traffic to your website, and for established sites it only takes a few tweaks to get 30-40% more traffic.

I do my best to quickly get you a return on your investment. I am a business person too, I will not invest any money in my company with out a reasonable expectation of improving the the health and wealth of it.

Not Enough SEO Eggs In The Basket

I could work for one company with a 10-20 thousand dollar a month budget. If I did that, I could not take on any other clients. This would place me in a sticky position if I lost a gig like that, all of a sudden I would have no income.

I prefer working with 10-20 different businesses at a time. Preferably businesses from¬† different industries. If I lose a client it doesn’t hurt me at all. I open enrollment and pick a business I feel I can help.

Accountability With A Guarantee

If I don’t do what I said I would, I’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked. If I say I will get you on the first page for a certain keyword and I don’t, I don’t expect to profit from you. Fair enough?

Tell me your budget, and give me a chance to look over your business, and your local competition. I will tell you if I think I can help.

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