May 25, 2019

AdWords Voucher

Google AdWords VoucherWould you like a $100.00 AdWords Voucher? Google provides us with these hundred dollar coupons to help promote their Pay Per Click (PPC) program. We use them to help promote our PPC management services, but give them to all new clients, no matter what service we provide them.

AdWords Or “AdWords Express”?

There are different ways to use this $100.00 voucher.


  • Place ads on the top of Google; the ads are triggered by keywords you select. You are only charged if someone clicks on your ad.
  • Place ads on other peoples websites via Google’s display network.

AdWords Express

  • Promote A Google Maps Directory Listing.

Adwords Express (No Website Necessary)

You can use the coupon to promote your Google Maps listing. When someone in your area does a search for a business like yours, Your directory listing will be promoted on the top of Google’s search engine.

Using your AdWords voucher to promote a Google Maps listing instead of a website has a few benefits:

  1. People can see and read reviews about your business
  2. Business location is shown on map
  3. Don’t have to pay for a website, domain hosting, or domain name

How To Use An AdWords Voucher

If you use us to manage your AdWords account, we will simply apply the coupon code to your account. If you are not using us to manage your paid search campaign, we will give you the voucher code, and a phone number to a Google representative that will set up your account for free.

AdWords Voucher Restrictions

All coupons issued to our agency from Google have an expiration date, and thus needs to be applied to an account before it expires. Also, coupons are only valid towards new AdWords accounts, or accounts within their first 14 days. Coupon can not be applied to any account older than 14 days.

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