February 20, 2020


Accepting New Clients For 2019 – Limited Availability

We offer some services à la carte, but this package below makes up most of what I do!

Business Marketing Package Pricing – $185/Mo

  • No Setup Fees – No downpayment – Just your first month’s payment
  • Premium Shared Web Hosting with C-panel
  • Domain Name (
  • One sub-domain (
  • WordPress Installation and Set up – Five Page Website – with Blog option
  • Premium Plugins
  • SEO
  • Mobile Optimized Too – Super Fast On Mobile
  • Adwords Ready
  • PPC Page Optimization
  • Optimized for Social
  • Marketing consulting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Contact Forms
  • Fee Email address (
  • SSL Certificate (regular license)
  • Monthly Back-ups – Protection for all the work I do
  • Basic Communication package – Mainly email support
  • Google Account Set up
  • Search Consol setup (Google) – So we can see any issues and keyword rankings
  • Sitemap Upload (Google) – Helps with Indexing
  • Tracking phone number – So we can see if the phone is ringing
  • Site Monitoring and Maintenance

Premium Shared Hosting With Cpanel

Web Hosting PlanYour website will use the same powerful servers I use to host mine. A powerful VPS capable of handling ten times the traffic of regular hosting plans. The servers are loaded with ram and can handle 6tb of bandwidth. With that said, I will not take on any clients or affiliate marketers, or anyone that wants to run spammy websites. Not on my watch, not on my servers!

One .com Domain Name

If you do not have a domain name with some existing domain authority, aka link juice, or much history, I will buy one for you that has keywords we want for SEO purposes. If you already have a domain name, I will help you repoint it to my servers.

One Sub-Domain

You may not use it, but you have one if you do. I will handle the backend to get it set up. What you do with it is up to you. Sub-domains are like a second web address. Many people will put their e-commerce store on a subdomain and run their main website with their top level domain.

WordPress Installation & Set Up

Over 75 million websites are running on the WordPress Platform right now. I will install the most current version of WordPress available and get it completely set up.

Set up is quite involved and will include customizing the look, as well as how it runs. Building the five pages and setting up the blog if you choose to have one (recommended). It involves creating the contact page, contact forms, and too much to list really.

I will not use a stock WordPress theme; I will install a premium theme from a trusted WordPress Developer. It will be responsive and load quickly on all mobile devices.

Installation Of Premium Plugins & Set Up

Plugins are software written by people to make WordPress a better platform. There are tons of free ones and lots of “premium” plugins that you have to pay for a license to use. I will buy premium versions of several plugins that make your website; run faster, fight spam and malicious attacks from hackers, improve your site’s pages SEO and local SEO, make it easy to build contact forms on any web page or blog post and track visitor statistics.

It is a little more challenging to install premium plugins and takes time to tweak the setting to get them performing the way you want. I take care of all that as well as software updates as new versions are released.

I also pay for and renew the licenses for all premium software each year


Research which keywords to target to attract customers to your products or services. Next, take care of all the on-page optimization, so your page is appropriately index for the keyword each page is targeting.

Finally, write compelling page descriptions and titles to get people to click on yours in the search engines.

Read more about SEO Click Here

AdWords Ready (PPC)

I sign you up for Google Adwords, If you are new to Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC), I can redeem a coupon for $75.00- $150.00 worth of free clicks for you. This is for those that want to start driving new leads immediately.

After the coupon is used up, you can set a budget for me to manage. This would be in addition to the monthly fee I already charge. Google Adwords PPC ads are placed on top of Google’s first page. Ahead of all organic listings.

It can take a while for organic (free) inclusion on Google first page. And with some competitive keywords, Google AdWords PPC is the only way to get to the top of Google Seach Results.

I also track conversions to help you to see the return on investment.

I take 10% of all PPC Spend for this service! For every $100 you spend I get 10 bucks!

SSL Certificate

Another purchase I make for you. SSL certificates used to be just for e-commerce sites that processed payments; they provide a secure connection from the server to a browser. It is a security feature that Google now uses in its ranking algorithm.

No Setup Fees

I do not require any money down, just the first month’s payment. Heres the thing though, you don’t own any property until you have made 12 payments. Until your 12th payment is completed, I own all the copy I write, all the pictures I buy for your site, even if you pay for them. After that you own everything! I will port your call tracking number to you, and I will assist in transferring your website to another host if you like, you can just keep the plan, or upgrade it if you prefer.

If you are more than thirty days late for any reason, which means you have missed your second payment, I will completely delete your account or keep all media, copy, and call tracking number for another client. Also, any client that remains in arrears for more than 60-days will be Fired! NO ACCEPTIONS EVER

I am going to work my ass off for you, please show me appreciation by paying your bill on time.

Final Thoughts

You can see I know what it takes to build a robust platform that will grow with your company and remain relevant. Besides being a necessary part of any companies sales and marketing, A great website shows your company is professional and modern. Your customers want to see you on the web; they want access to company contact forms and phone numbers.

First I listed out the things included in this package and then spoke about some of the more essential parts. You can see I spend your money to build and maintain a secure, responsive web presence that Google will index.

    • Powerful Fast Hosting on Secure State of the Art Servers ✓
    • Responsive Premium Professional Looking Website ✓
    • All Pages Built and Optimized for Search Engines ✓

For some proof of what I can do check out this case study.