December 9, 2019

Pay Per Click

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising enables you to get listed the top on their search engine results pages within five to ten minutes. These ads only cost you money when someone clicks on them, and they only display for the words you specify. This allows you to attract highly targeted traffic to your products or services for a small per click fee.

Basically, when your click fees are less than your profit margin, you make money!

Expert Pay Per Click Campaign Management

I am a Google Adwords pay per click advertising expert. Skills include: campaign set-up; increase return on investment; perform conversion rate optimization; increase quality score(s); monitor and optimize campaign(s); identify new keyword phrases; write and test ad copy; increase click through percentage; track results.

I handle your entire account personally. No interns here, wasting your money learning the ropes. Just Custom Personalized Affordable Service.

Clients and Reports

I work primarily with contractors, health care specialists, and other small and local business professionals, offering affordable search engine marketing / pay per click management and consulting services.

I also work with marketing companies and media buyers, to control spend and maximize client budgets to meets specified goals.

Reports include; Keywords, Clicks, Max CPC bids, Actual Average CPC, Impressions, and more. We will provide custom reporting for complete transparency.

Why my management plans are better than other companies

Most companies charge a percentage based on the amount of money you spend on clicks. This sets up a conflict of interest for you, other ppc management companies are more interested in spending as much of your money as possible, which increases profits for their company, but decreases your return on investment significantly.

To maximize budgets, I focus on keywords that convert best or cost less, and that are further along the buying cycle, thus extending your budget, and gaining you more clicks from people ready to make a purchase, or get some service performed.

I find that many small companies do not need daily monitoring, and can do well by having their campaign set up, and monitored monthly or by monthly.

Click To Call Advertising Works Well When Someone Needs Help Now!

With mobile search (cell phones and tablets) and Skype, click to call ads are being used by an increasing number of searchers everyday. This can be a great opportunity for local businesses like: Locksmiths; Plumbers; Towing companies; Dentists; and a host of others that offer emergency services.

Pay-Per-Click Web Design Connection

PPC and Web design are highly inter-related, as are SEO and web design. In Google’s continuing struggle to provide relevant results, the link between website landing pages and AdWords Pay Per Click campaigns have never been more important. We have free white papers and consult with all our Pay Per Click clients, and show them how to improve website landing pages, or do it for them.

It is important to set pay per click advertising goals and then accomplish them with your campaign. If you are looking to increase your bottom line for a service business, you will need to monitor your return on investment for each keyword. If you are spending more money than comes in for a specific keyword, then you may need to drop that keyword.

We would enjoy an opportunity track your keyword conversions for you, look over an existing pay per click account, or talk with you about setting up a new one. For an overview and better understanding of Google’s AdWords Pay Per Click Program click here.

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