May 25, 2019

Google VS. Social Ways To Advertise Online

Ways to advertise online - Google vs. SocialGoogle’s Not Losing Market Share Despite The Growth Of Other Great Ways To Advertise Online

If you are not advertising on the web in one form or another you are missing out. There are so many excellent strategies, ways to advertise online you could be taking advantage of. I am watching CNBC right now like I do everyday (its mostly background noise while I work). They are reporting that Google grew revenues by 24% in 2012 do to increased ad buying.

This kind of shocked me, I was looking for the ad giants growth to slow as other good opportunities to advertise online have been developed. LinkedIn has developed a really powerful pay per click ad platform for companies like: law firms, accountants, like mine, and others that serve the B2B market. Facebook has also been growing with its own powerful display network.

Online Advertising With LinkedIn

You have a very specific professional audience to target on LinkedIn, and  you can refine your targeting further by selecting what industry your audience is from, or by Geography, Company Name, Company Size, Specific Job Title, Gender, and Age. You can select one or all of these advanced targeting methods.

With the advanced targeting features you can get very granular. Suppose you really want to get a job with a certain company, lets say Google For example. You can write an ad that will only be seen by executives of that company. What if you specialize in medical products for veterinarians? You can target doctors or thought leaders in the industry.

What about trying to market some content to build industry specific links. Don’t forget the term “marketing” in “content marketing”. If you write a killer piece of content, market it to people in your industry, and gain new followers, tweets, and LINKS.

Ways To Advertise Online With Facebook

Facebook ads are proving to be very effective for many other businesses, whether your B2B or B2C. By building up your number of fans, which happens every time someone “likes” your page, you grow your targeted list of prospects. A list of fans is similar to a hot list you would buy from list sellers. We used to pay for these “hot lists”, but now we can develop them for free as people interact with our brands.

Facebook’s display advertising is proving to be a very powerful tool. They have data on everyone, what they “like”, what they buy, hobbies and interests, geography, and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were monitoring our feeds to see who would be a good candidate for rehab, so they could then show intervention ads to our parents and siblings. It’s not paranoia if it’s true!


I used to be pretty agnostic about display advertising, especially on Google. I was all about the search. So if you read back into my archives you will see, that this post makes me look like a hypocrite. With all the new advanced targeting methods display advertising affords, I have become reformed.

So with all these great new ways to advertise on social networks, you might expect businesses to pull ad spend out of Google AdWords and start distributing some of it to these other channels. But clearly this is not the case, businesses are actually increasing ad spend to incorporate these other channels. Google stock has risen  $42.42 today to $745.80 per share. It’s not Google VS. social, it’s Google plus Social. (“Google +” hmmm).

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