January 22, 2020

Roofing Contractor Advertising

Advertising and Marketing Lessons Learned From A Roofing Contractorroofing contractor advertisng plan b

My late boxing coach and friend Richie Collins (“Crazy” to his friends) worked as a roofer his whole life. He installed roofing shingles since he was a kid. He was really fast with a hammer. He could keep up pretty good with people who used nail guns.

He ran an ad in the Lowell Sun Newspaper for almost 20 years. The headline read: ” No Roof Over $1200.00″. Of course most every roof cost over $1200.00, but he would only work on ranches and walkable roofs. His price only included labor, so he could usually get the job done for less than $1200.00 if you only counted the labor rate.

If you recently re-roofed your home and the shingles cost 3600.00. Don’t worry, you weren’t ripped off, the cost of roofing materials have more than tripled in the last 6 years.

I worked for him lugging bundles of shingles up onto the roof when I was training to fight. I asked him if he really got calls from that ad? He told me his phone rang almost everyday. He said he learned from Don King (fight promoter), to always keep them hoping. Even though most people knew their roof would cost more, a small part of them hoped it would not, and called him.

He paid the Lowell Sun paper $450.00 a month for over twenty years and was glad to pay it. He actually gave the bigger tougher roofing leads to other roofing contractors for a kickback. When they got the job Crazy made money. His roofing ad in the local newspaper made him money two ways, by providing easy roofs for him to do, and by selling roofing leads for jobs he didn’t want. win win

This was one of my first marketing lessons, and I learned it well. This tactic is used all the time. Consider the ads on TV for a no money down car lease. If you have ever looked into one of these deals you find that you don’t have to make a down payment, BUT, most want the first payment plus taxes and other fees to the tune of $1500.00. No money down my you know what.

Roofing Contractor Advertising In 2013

If there are any roofing contractors out there reading this. The spring and fall are still good times to run ads in newspapers, and when you see the weather conditions likely to cause ice dam problems.

The same ad in the newspaper today will cost half what it used to, but delivers less than 10% of the results it used to. Nowadays you need to invest in local online advertising to get leads.

You want to be on top of Google for terms like “Roofing Contractors”. Roofing Contractors (plural) gets searched 4000 times more a month than the singular version “Roofing Contractor”. It is also searched mores than Roofing Company or Roofing Companies.

I suggest you have a different webpage optimized for every one of those terms, and make sure you rank well in a few towns.

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