January 22, 2020

Online Advertising Super Highways

Online Advertising ScreensWhen you hear the term online advertising super highways, you probably think about search engines like Yahoo, Bing and of course Google. Search engines are the primary route people use when looking for information, locations and stuff to buy. But, there are thousands of small roads that can provide lots of leads and customers. For small companies with small budgets, it is tough to get your website listed well on search engines. It is easier to build along the roads that already exist.

To get ranked well and listed on Google, your website needs to be relevant and popular. The roads (yes plural) that lead to Google are made of great content that is shared and cited by websites that are on the same topic as yours. Does this mean you should cite websites with great relevant content for your readers? Absolutely, anyway you can provide value for your readers.

Some of these smaller roads that lead to Google are already under construction or have been built by other webmasters. They consist of:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Magazine Articles
  • New Stations
  • Groups On Social Sites
  • Websites
  • Directories, Libraries, And List Creaters
  • Schools
  • Government Agencies
  • Clubs

Your job is to join the conversation in a meaningful way. This means you have to offer something of value. Because you have complete control over the content on your own website, you can make sure to create content that is of value and runs deep. Not every piece has to be a 2500 word guide, comprehensive and insightful how-to article with pictures, topical insightful info-graphic, or an in-depth review, but if you don’t pepper them in on occasion, your online marketing efforts will yield little results.

You need to build a website that does nor rely on Google for traffic. The thing is, once you have that, you will have Google too. Your website is like a topical Disneyland, and Google is a travel agent. Google can see if people who visits your site (Your Topical Disneyland), visited it more than once, or liked their visit!¬† Google knows if your visitor stayed for a while, told a friend, engaged with your content, linked to it as a resource, visited another page on your site etc… If you have a fun or helpful destination, the travel agent will refer visitors.

Google may trickle a little traffic to your site to tests its metrics and compare those to other similar sites. But unless your metrics improve, your traffic and rankings won’t. Google will show websites with better metrics than yours, most likely your competitions. Google just wants to give it’s customers the best most relevant experience possible.

So, start to build roads that will lead to Google or sponsor roads that already lead there, and join in the conversation with other well indexed and ranked resources. You need to be popular which will lends itself to trust. Trust is another ranking factor I will cover down the road. Thanks for reading! Please share this with friends who need some online advertising tips.

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