January 22, 2020

Online Advertising Costs – A Response To A Potential Customer I Never Heard From Again

Online Advertising Costs
Me, Fresh off the Cruise Ship in Mexico

I often get emails and calls from people asking about online advertising costs. They want to know what I can do for them, and what services I provide. I am posting the response I sent to the last person to email me questions about services and costs.
Hey Troy,
It looks like you’ve been in business long enough to remember when the yellow pages were worth the money. When a full page ad cost like 3k a year, and we were happy to make the monthly payments.

Online advertising is a little different than the Yellow Pages. You have to spread some money around, grease the palms of many webmasters and pay the necessary directories like the BBB their quart of blood. You need authoritative websites to mention your site and link to it. One great way to get a trustworthy local link is by joining your local Chambers of Commerce(s), for $250 – $500.00 a year depending on how many chambers you join.

To figure out your cost I need to know your budget? Here is a list of things I do that take time money and resources, but are highly successful marketing tactics.

  • Build you a website
  • Promote it on social sites
  • Issue press releases
  • Run contests – Link building & Branding
  • Promote giveaway – Link building & Branding
  • Keyword research – Major aspect of successful SEO work
  • On page SEO
  • Pay influential bloggers to review your products or services  – Link building & Branding
  • Secure guest post opportunities  – Link building & Branding
  • Get listed in directories – Link building & Branding

Just getting into industry directories can cost $300-$1000, A well-written press release will run $300-$500 to write and distribute

I like to get my clients up and running with a five-page website that gets pretty in depth about their services. (If the words you want to rank well for are not on your web pages, you will never rank for them on Google, *Usually). I also Include a blog and write 12 to 24 blog posts during the first year. All this writing cost money to have done. Of course, I optimize all the blog posts to target keywords most people type into Google when looking for your services and keywords that trigger Google maps.

I also get you listed in all the top free directories, and help with managing and verifying the listings. Even though these directories are free to get listed in, I still have to account for the time it takes me to do the work properly (I don’t use automated listing software).

Another cost that begins to add up is the cost of buying pictures. I try to post an image in every blog post and on every webpage. The average price per photo is $15.00 that runs into $200.00 – $600.00 a year for pictures.

I am very candid about the costs; you will never get anyone to go into such details nevermind outline a solid online advertising plan. Mainly because most corporate companies like Yodle,, and 1& use templates, stock sites, stock photos, and don’t spread money around promoting you like they should, so they can’t say they do these things. I am going into such detail because I get lots of inquiries like yours about online advertising costs, and am going to post this response on my blog for others to read.

Online Advertising Costs

I would recommend committing to a three-year plan at $200.00 to $1000 a month. If you can sign on to a higher monthly budget and can scale your business to meet increasing workload/leads, by the time you get to the end of the third year, you will find that 7- 8k a year is a drop in the bucket.

I have less aggressive plans for two to three hundred dollars a month, but when you cut advertising spend, you limit your website traffic and lead generation capabilities. My less aggressive plans get you listed on Google Maps, to say the least, and generate enough of return on your investment to justify my cost.

I mentioned you could spend less, but you can spend more too. Once you have a bunch of quality content on your site, It helps to spend money promoting it and getting links. Plus we could also set up a budget to spend on Google AdWords / PPC (Pay Per Click).

Online Advertising Consulting Services and Costs

I charge $250.00 an hour to consult. I cover local online advertising, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, content marketing, directory advertising strategies, and more. I share my screen on the call as I point out issues, tactics, and opportunities. I record the whole session for you to review later.

Online Advertising Services

I handle the whole shebang for some clients (every aspect of online advertising) and only advise others. I consult more than anything else now. By speaking at advertising conferences and providing free content, my consulting services have become highly sought after.

I recommend you look for speaking opportunities in your industry and set your self up as an expert!


Even if you have never heard of me, the fact that I compete against the best marketing minds, SEO’s, and companies with million dollar advertising budgets, but have somehow managed to get you to email me, should speak volumes for my ability.

If you let me know what your marketing budget is, I will design a plan for you. I know this much, I will do more for every one of your advertising dollars than anyone else.

I hope this answers your question and gives you some insights into online advertising costs and techniques. I stand ready to answer any questions you might have.

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