January 22, 2020

Best Buy to Offer Small Business Advertising?

Best Buy LogoSmall business advertising services are making a killing off of reportedly the most crucial factor in the US Economy, Small Businesses. There is a lot of money to be made from helping small businesses advertise their services and products, so why should it surprise me to hear that Best Buy was going to through their hat in the ring. To me, Best Buy big box stores selling advertising services makes about as much sense as any other giant corporation creating custom highly optimized websites with compelling original content, and then creating a persuasive marketing campaign to attract customers unique to the organization it represents.

Of course, Best Buy is not getting into small business marketing, but I think I made my point.

One thing the big-box-store web design and marketing service companies like Yodle and Wix don’t tell you is that organic results take time and money. There are strategies for people who need sales-leads tomorrow (PPC)! I am just warning you that building a website and expecting the world to beat a path to your door in a couple of months is not possible without dropping some ching on Pay Per Click (PPC).

Also, while a decent social networking and social marketing program can help speed up results, do not expect leads to start trickling in for 3-6 months, even with a good directory marketing campaign and an optimized website, then, only if your products or services are in season.

Also, know that to get the necessary links and provide trust-signals Google looks for, will require throwing some money around. I’m talking about sponsoring good causes in your community and getting listed and linked to from their sponsors’ web pages, paying for press releases, paying for inclusion in your industry directories, as well as your local BBB and Chamber of Commerce. These alone will run you 2-5k a year.

I’m not trying to discourage you, but the better you understand reality, the better you can meet the challenge. I see Wix and commercials that give the impression you can bang up a webpage and miraculously traffic will flood your store. One and done is a slogan I have heard, meaning you click once and that’s it, sit back and get rich, well bullshit on that!

I am here to help you new intrepid entrepreneurs win the fight, and you older companies regain market share. If you have a small budget, you better be prepared to roll your sleeves up and do some work. Those with larger budgets will be able to buy their way to success much quicker. With me on your side as a guide and a resource, you will find the road much smoother.

Here is a link to a small business starter package I offer Click Here

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