April 21, 2018

Car Wash Advertising

Professional Online Car Wash Advertising

Whether you have self-service bays, an automatic car wash, detailing company, or a combination of them all, if people are not aware of your services, or have an incentive, they will keep going elsewhere.

The car wash industry which includes all the services mentioned in the above paragraph, have suffered with the economic downturn in the past two years, but is poised to grow during the next five. New car sales have finally begun improving.

Auto Detailing & Car Washessoft car wash brushes - depicted in this car wash advertising picture.

The keyword phrase “car detailing” is currently searched 110,000 times a month, and mobile car detailing is searched 8100 times a month across the United states. The keyword “car wash” is currently searched 1 million times a month. If your car wash advertising strategy is not tapping into these online searches for car wash services, you are missing the boat. 75% of all online searches end in a purchase off-line at a local shop.

Google insights shows that demand for the term car wash has been growing steady since 2004. This is surprising considering reports that the industry has been slumping for a couple of years. I interpret this to mean that growth has slowed but is continuing to clime.

Studies show that car wash customers respond well to online coupons, and tend to visit social sites and search online for special deals. Building a social strategy into your car wash advertising plan is a must, and a proven winner.

What are you doing to succeed? Online advertising is competitive and requires an integrated strategy to build traffic and get new customers.

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