April 21, 2018

Dentist Advertising

Dentist Advertising – Marketing & Branding Your Dental Practice

How Best To Leverage Your Advertising Budget

Strictly focusing your advertising dollars on local online marketing is the best way to promote a neighborhood dental practice. A one time investment in local SEO will pay dividends for years and years, while lead generation sites stop producing new patients the day you stop paying them.

How To Attract New Patients via Referrals – In-house Dentist Advertising Vs. Social

Internal recall marketing and the occasional client referral are great in-house methods of generating business, which is why we heavily leverage social marketing.

Google and other search engines have incorporated social signals into their directory, and organic search ranking algorithm. By utilizing social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn we make it easy for patients to leave reviews, and make new patient referrals.

Warning: If You Depend on Lead Generation Sites for Both Traffic and Advertising, You Pretty Much Work for Them And Your Competition

Lead generation sites are building their web presence off the dollars they get from you. They spend your money on paid search / PPC and to optimize their websites, which then out rank yours, and they don’t give you exclusive rights to these leads either, they sell them to your competition.

By investing in your own practice, you will grow stronger and your competition, which includes lead gen sites, will weaken.

A review of your  Dentist Advertising Plan and website would be a good place to start.
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