April 21, 2018

Catering Advertising

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 How People Search For Catering Services?

People looking for food service companies to cater their event may check with their friends for references, they may also ask there friends on Facebook for suggestions. Then most will turn to the internet, go straight to their favorite search engine and type something like: “any-town  + State + catering”. There are currently 2.24 Million searches done every month for the keyword “Catering”. How much of that traffic does your website get?

Whats The Best Way To Advertise

Let me ask you a question first, which do you think is more effective? A. Spending money on TV ads, Newspaper ads, and direct mail pieces, spending money to blast out ads at people hoping someone will pick up on their ads and say: “Oh hey, this is just what I’m looking for”, or B. Someone goes to the internet, types in the search box “local caterers”, and there you are #1 for the clicking. If you said B. your Right! It helps if you have a great online reputation with 5 star reviews all over the internet. (we do that)

Type A. is interrupting people, and B. is relevant and perfectly placed into the buying cycle. Needs meet supply perfectly on the internet search engines.

So your catering business should have at least a simple professional looking website to greet these people searching online. But you may or may not know, having a website does not guarantee anyone will ever see it. So you also need a means of marketing / promoting your catering website, this is where a specialist in local online marketing can make a difference.

Best Way Ever To Promote Your Local Catering Web Pages

I recommend a mix of search engine marketing (PPC/SEM) with heavy emphasis on your local community, and social inbound marketing. With paid search you want to make sure you have local SEO elements, and social buttons on your web pages, and an optimized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on Google. You want accounts with at least Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote coupons and helpful content that generates buzz.

Next you will want to get your business set-up properly on local directories, and make sure to get listed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Being in the food industry, I would make sure to get listed on foodie sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon.

If you could use some catering advertising for your company, help promoting it, or generating leads, give us a call or email us. Getting a free online advertising evaluation would be a good place to start.