April 21, 2018

Accountant Advertising

 Powerful Local Accountant Advertising

Advertising works best when there is a lot of demand for a service. We find a good time to launch a PPC /Paid search campaign for these firms are a month or two before tax season. This is an opportune time to increase your B2B client list.

Of course there are local businesses that need help putting together their quarterly sales tax reports, balancing the their books, doing audits and consulting year round.

We can also put your service in-front of people looking for: retirement planning, estate tax planning, pension and profit sharing plans, as well as debt repayment and financial planning services too.

We enjoy working with accountants, they understand business better than many regular business owners. As internet marketers we too have to have a deeper understanding of business principles like: return on investment and cash flow.

A review of your current website and marketing plan would be a good place to start.