April 21, 2018

Facebook Vs Google

boxing match facebook vs googleI have read many articles in which the authors have tried to make a case that for advertising, Facebook is better than Google. So lets look at Facebook vs Google.

Facebook’s display advertising is an example of interruption marketing, where as, advertising on Google Search Engine pages, put products and services where people are actively looking, and where your not interrupting someones relaxing pastime with an unsolicited commercial.

I’m not saying there’s no room for advertising on Facebook, their display network is very effective, and there is real power in building a fan base. But when you compare display network to display network, you find Facebook doesn’t offer anywhere near the control that Google’s display network affords you.

Facebook is not a search engine. They have a new product called graph search but are a long way off from monetizing it like Google. Facebook’s default search is actually Microsoft’s Bing search.

As of right now Google Stock is trading at over $700.00 per share, and they make most of their money selling ads on their search engine. The jury is in, and over a decade of growth should prove how effective advertising on Google is. Facebook is trading at just under $30.oo per share, this concludes my argument of which is a better company.

Google definitely Knocked out the competition in the 2012 – 2013 advertising match. Look for Facebook to continue working out, getting stronger, and maybe looking for a rematch in the not to distant future. KaBlam

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