April 21, 2018


Privacy Policy

What Information Is Collected?


We use a tracking code on our website that allows us to collect non-personal information, such as: Type of browser visitors use, Language spoken, Operating system, Keyword used to arrive on out website, How long a user is on our website, How many pages a user visits, and Unique visits. All demographic data is collected for us and provided by Google, and hence stored on their servers

Personal Information

We do not capture any personal information with out permission, the only personal information we collect is sent to us by persons interested in our services via email. We protect your personal information by never making it available on our servers, all personal information is securely stored offline at our office. We do not share your contact information or business metrics with anyone ever. Personal information will only be used to contact you by us. We do not assume any rights or permissions with submitted personal information. Personal information will never be disclosed, shared, or sold.


Cookies may be placed on your computer upon clicking an ad that brings you to our site for the purpose of conversion tracking. All cookies are set to expire with in 30 days, and do not represent a threat to your system or your privacy.

A cookie may also be placed on your computer by clicking affiliate links on our website. We advertise for a few businesses on our website for profit, affiliate links place a cookie on your computer, so that we get credit for purchases you make via our referral. These cookies are only for verifying conversions, and do not represent a threat in any way, and again no personal data is collected. The cookie is placed in your browser and when, and if it makes it to a conversion page, we get credit for the sale.


When you make a payment to us via Google Check out or Paypal, you are redirected to the appropriate secure website. No credit card numbers, account numbers or data of this nature is stored. The only information collected for us is: business or personal name, payment amount, and sometimes your address and email.