April 21, 2018


Bio - Michael KernI (Michael Kern) am founder and chief strategist of Inform Local –an interactive digital advertising / local internet marketing agency located in Lowell Massachusetts.

I began developing SEO skills like; keyword research, and competitive analysis back in 1997 while working with eBay, long before the phrase search engine optimization had been coined. Now 15 years later I am an experienced and accomplished SEO Consultant, PPC Manager with a passion for all forms of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a challenging industry, and requires a consultant to distill the ever expanding aspects of search engine, and social marketing. If you require practical guidance to design a plan, that will meet or exceed your marketing goals, I can help you get the best out of your online marketing budget, and expand your online presence.

I’m known for creatively working within existing marketing plan boundaries to optimize digital engagement, increase traffic, build brand, and for designing new creative marketing plans, tying in all aspects of Web Design, SEO, PPC, Local, Social and Messaging.