May 25, 2019

Category: SEO Tips

Tips & Advice For Optimizing Your Webpages & Local Google Places Page

If you're optimizing your local Google Places Listing or your webpage, first thing you have to do is decide which keywords and phrases you want to target.

I recommend using Google’s free keyword tool to see what kind of demand there is for keywords you may be considering, Google Keyword Tool. Each webpage on your website offers an opportunity to gain traffic / customers, and should be op

SEO Tip – Get Website Traffic By Choosing The Right Business Name

The closer your business name matches a search people are doing anyway, the better. Most businesses tend to rank well for their own name, and good rankings mean more eyeballs will see your business, more eyeballs means more customers and traffic. If your in a local service business, you may want to include the town you are located in, into your business name. People searching online will add the town or state where they live into their query. If someone