January 22, 2020

Category: PPC Tips & Reviews

Lead Generation Review Of Service Magic

Service Magic – Lead Generation Review

The most popular lead generation site for contractors, and by far the most successful is Service Magic. They advertise on the search engines using Google’s Adwords pay per click program. They also use the Adwords program to advertise on millions of other web sites via content networks. Service Magic only requires Contractors to prove the minimum of insurance to be listed in their directory, they do not l

SEMRush Review

SEMRush is an awesome keyword tool that will help you quickly and intelligently find profitable keywords that Google’s keyword tool just can’t do. Well Google could do what ever it wanted if you asked me, so the previous sentence should say; Google’s keyword tool “won’t” do. All the reviews I read basically tell you the same things SEMRush themselves say on their website, that they have a huge data base, and they add new keywords all the tim

Google Boost is Adwords for Dummies

Google is Rolling out Boost for Select Categories and only in Select Cities for Now!

There is not a whole lot of information available about Google’s new advertising product, Google Boost. It appears it is a cross between AdWords and Google Places. AdWords has allowed you to “add-in” an address or phone number when relevant for quite a while. But now you will not need to set up an Adwords account, it seems you only need pick a category,

Google Engage Review

Google Engage is a relatively new product offered by Google. It is aimed at small marketing online companies. After signing up for the program and watching 3 videos, Google will give you 20 coupons worth 100.00 (unlimited really), marketing materials, and support to promote their AdWords Pay Per Click Program. The coupons are only good for new AdWords subscribers, or accounts less than 14 days old (one per customer). Google recently paid for me, and