May 25, 2019

Here Is What The Best Link Builders | Link Building Services Are Doing

The best link builders are really good at finding and developing relevant content and resources for their clients. They develop and promote content to attract links, and they “search” the Internet for potential link candidates. They scour the web for category specific: blogs, forums, thought leaders, groups, web pages, and other web resources for potential […]

Facebook Vs Google

I have read many articles in which the authors have tried to make a case that for advertising, Facebook is better than Google. So lets look at Facebook vs Google. Facebook’s display advertising is an example of interruption marketing, where as, advertising on Google Search Engine pages, put products and services where people are actively […]

Google’s Greed

Google Get Your Greedy Hands Off My Client Google has been reviewing all new AdWords accounts, or at least accounts that redeem a coupon for a free $100.00 of AdWords spend. Then an “AdWords Expert” will email the new client, telling them they looked over their new account and seen “potential for improvements”, and that […]