March 22, 2018

Michael Kern – Digital Marketing Specialist

An independent marketing specialist. I love helping businesses, and individuals promote their products and services. I’ve been advertising and selling products online since 1997. If you’re looking for a marketing agency with business acumen, that can rock any form of digital marketing; I’m your guy!

I design and manage a strategic online marketing plan for every business owner that chooses to work with me. Making sure the program I come up with, and you sign off on,  is implemented to perfection.

You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want – Zig Ziglar

Let me help you help People!

Independent Marketing Specialist Michael Kern


I’ve Been Around The Block

I was marketing before Google existed, I was doing SEO before it was called SEO, building websites before CMS’s, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrapping, Etc… And earning links before the term “content marketing” was coined. An actual internet marketing OG from way-back!

While SEO is important, it is only a tool of marketing. Search engines and social media campaigns can drive a lot of traffic to your products or service pages too, but without marketing, you may whistling in the wind. Each business type has its challenges. Some products and services require a sales funnel, while others can get away with just looking professional.

What I am saying is you also need a marketing angle!


I am excepting ten new clients in 2018 UPDATE: All spots are filled – We are not accepting any new clients!

For $185-$500 a month, you can not expect to get everything done for you! But for that amount, if you’re willing to take the advice I offer, I can help you; reach new customers, get more leads, more links, more engagement, and much higher rankings on search engines.

Of course, I handle all the technical aspects for you. Running your website on the fastest most secure servers, software updates, security updates, SEO, Image optimization, Mobile caching, Conversion optimization, Building your business-website, etc., etc., etc. But, you can’t just throw money at me. You have to work with me for the best results. I won’t work for you any other way.