November 23, 2017

Local SEO Case Study

Local SEO Case Study

Seo agencies are always calling businesses talking about local SEO and Google Maps. They say we will do this and that, just mail us your wallet and we will get you all kinds of traffic. The unfortunate truth is that many get you ranked for your business name and little else.

You of course want to be ranked for searches done by people in your area who don’t know your business name. If your a plumber you want to rank for “plumber”, durrrr! You will not realize a return on investment if your SEO agency can’t get you ranked for local non-branded searches.

How To Get Proof Before You Throw Your Wallet At Them

Before you hire an SEO agency you need to see if they can do what they say. A lot of big companies are hiring SEO’s for 80 – 120k a year to handle SEO in house. Before they hire these guys, they ask to see some case studies of work they have done. You should ask the same!

You can run your own case studies if you have access to Google, you can test the local SEO company like this, find out a couple of there customers and see how they rank. Simple right?

What Are You Looking For From A Case Study???

Rankings, rankings, and more rankings. You want to look over what the business does and see if they rank for important keywords. Just ask your self: what would I type in Google if I were looking for this type of business? Do some searches and see where their client ranks. Any business will rank for its own name, you need to see some rankings for geographical + industry keywords.

If you do find the business ranking well on Google, are they doing anything to make their clients ad stand out? Good Local SEO’s will not only get you ranked but they will make your ad stand out like I did for my client in the case study below.

Case Study Example: MGK Pool Service (My Client)

I have been promoting MGK Pool Service for 2 1/2 years. Lets see if we can find them in Google. Some of the most often searched services for this business include: Pool Maintenance, Pool Service, Pool Replastering, Pool Resurfacing, Pool Company, and Pool Liner Replacement. Lets see where they rank for some local searches.

This is a Massachusetts company so we can add MA + Massachusetts to the other keywords to see how they rank, we can add some towns in their service area too.

Keyword List With Corresponding Organic & Maps Ranking

  • Pool Service MA | Rank #1 Organic – Not listed in Maps
  • Pool Company MA | Rank #2 Organic – Not listed in Maps
  • Pool Liner Replacement MA | Rank #1 Organic – Google doesn’t show Map
  • Pool Replastering MA | Rank #1 Organic – Google doesn’t show Map
  • Pool Resurfacing MA | Rank #2 Organic – Google doesn’t show Map
  • Pool Maintenance MA | Rank #1 Organic – #1 Maps
  • Pool Service Massachusetts | Rank #1 Organic – Not Listed in Maps
  • Pool Service In Reading MA | Rank #1 Organic – Not Listed in Maps
  • Pool Service In Reading | Rank #1 Rank Organic – Not Listed in Maps
  • Pool Service In Andover | Rank #1 Organic – #2 in Maps
  • Pool Service In Chelmsford | Rank #5 Organic – Not Listed in Maps
  • Pool Service In Tewksbury | Rank poor Organic – #1 Maps

Don’t take my word for it, go to Google and see how they’re doing! This company spends $3600.00 a year with me and clears 40 to 60k a year in new work, this is after labor and material costs. 36oo to make 40 to 60 thousand sound good to anyone else???

See if you can notice how we make them stand out from all others. Do a couple searches and see what makes their ads stand out over the competition. It’s important to be ranked well, but it is important to make your ad stand out too. An ad that stands out will get more clicks.

Did you do some searches? if you did, the difference you were looking for was the attractive title and description, and the picture of the cute little kid in the red swim cap.

I hope this info helps you to hire a quality local SEO agency if you decide to go with someone other than me. Now you will have a plan that’s better than just throwing your wallet at them and praying. Hopefully you can also draw some comparisons between your rankings and what you should expect with a similar budget.

I will post more case studies of my clients, and I will let slip some of the Local SEO tactics I use to get these great rankings for clients. This way you can apply some new ideas to your website. A good way to follow my posts is to “like” me on Facebook (button on the top right of page).

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