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SEO Is The Art & Science Behind High Rankings?

Search Engine Optimization vs. yellow pagesSearch Engine Optimization is about relevance! Successfully reaching your audience today does not depend on your business name beginning with 20 AAAAA’s. Nowadays It matters how well each and every webpage is optimized for search engines, quality of links that lead to your webpage, social profile and user experience.

We work with small businesses that employe 1-1000 people all across the United States. By optimizing their webpages we are able to get them ranked well on search engines for words that are important in their industries (keywords). To get a free SEO audit and to speak with an SEO Consultant Call Now (978) 973-6048.

Why Is SEO Called An Art & Science?

Algorithms are based on math making SEO more about science than art. We say art and science because of the high amount of creative work that goes into making up a successful SEO campaign. Writers, photographers and designers are artists! Try to have a successful web presence with out these guys, you can’t do it.

Don’t Forget Marketing & Geography

All these creatives would be useless with out SEO. So it takes both to have a successful campaign. An other often neglected piece of a successful campaign is marketing. This is why everyone on our creative team has a marketing background.

You can pay to get optimized or pay for targeted traffic, but it will fall on deaf ears if your marketing message misses the mark. Do you know your customers pain points? We do, and what we don’t know we discover with surveys.

Many campaigns are geographically specific. Having a local area expert on the team will make a big difference. That’s why our SEO team was assembled from the Greater Boston area. We are a Massachusetts company and as such we know this market better than those from out of town.

If you would like to read more about search engine optimization, read this white paper from Google click here.

We Prepare Web Pages for Search Engine Spiders With On-page Optimization

Companies with products and services in demand find SEO well worth the investment. Having the proper website structure, and an internal linking strategy are two of the biggest overlooked aspects of SEO. Other aspects include; domain name, meta data, proper title,  H-tags, as well as good keyword rich content that offers the reader real value.

Getting and maintaining a top position on the Search Engines for local services or national products that are in demand, have created many millionaires, and others a comfortable living.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization -“Links”

Everyone today realizes that links are the life blood of SEO. There is probably no more important aspect of SEO than quality back-links. We are engaged in white hat methods that are highly effective. Our link building methods do not expose you to the risk of penalty’s

Penalties For Buying Links

Google’s Panda, Penguin algorithm updates identify people looking to game the search engines. These black-hat SEO tactics get their clients punished and striped of their rank. We do not buy links. We design creatives and write valuable content for guest post opportunities.

Social Media for SEO

Utilizing social media sites like; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs and other social channels, we spread your marketing message and generate buzz. Google and Bing are now including social signals in their algorithms. By submitting great content to these sites, and promoting that content, we are able to create the potential for a viral marketing effect. Generating 100’s, possibly 1000’s of keyword rich inbound links, and targeted traffic.

Market Analysis and Keyword Research

The fundamentals of a successful business and a successful SEO strategy are market analysis and keyword research. Failure to apply these essential pieces of the puzzle will waste much time and money. Only with this absolutely necessary information can good decisions be made.

Using Google Adwords For Keyword Research

By taking advantage of pay-per-click advertising we can determine the potential demand for products, services and keywords. This tactic will prevent wasting time and money developing a website that was doomed before it began. To many make the mistake of optimizing for keywords they only thought would be good to target without proof.

A review of your current website and marketing strategy is a good place to begin. We love to work with start ups too. Lets talk about your ideas and see if we can’t help.

Please contact us for more information.

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