November 23, 2017

Local Online Advertising With Pay Per Click

SEM Local Online AdvertisingI have a few Google Alerts running so that I get emailed when there are new blog posts or news about select keywords. “Local online advertising” is one phrase I target with an alert. I set these alerts up to find blog commenting opportunities, and to get ideas for articles.

This morning I found two new articles in my traps about “local online advertising”, one about using Google’s Display Network, and another about using Adwords Express. So I will discuss both of these options and add one more, Google AdWords.

Using Google’s Display Net work To Target Local Customers

I had given up on Google’s Display Network (GDN). I wrote it off as a tool for big companies with huge budgets that wanted to build their brand. While at a local SEMNE event I was reintroduced to it and decided to try again.

As a regular user of Google’s AdWords pay per click, I though to my self, I can make this work for me. The speaker at SEMNE said GDN has made great improvements in the last three years. So I set up a new account with all the new ideas I picked up at the meet-up and got to work.

I was told that a good way to find webpages to place ads on was to run auto placement for a week. I was told to eliminate mobile in the settings and to use some negative keywords. I did all this and more.

But when I looked at the pages my ads were showing on I was disgusted. What a horrible waste of money. Undaunted I excluded those sites, changed up my keywords, and set up a few more exclusions. A few days later I looked again to see where my ads had been showing, and it was the same usual crap.

I don’t know about anyone else but if your new to the GDN, find your own placements. That’s what I’m doing now, although I don’t have enough webpages picked yet. I have not yet got a click since I set my campaign up to only target my managed placements.

The piece I read this morning was called “How to Make the World Wide Web More Local” written by Leslie Van Zee. She blogs about using GDN quite a bit. She recommended running banner ads in your local community, and talked about general SEO in this piece.

Using Adwords Express For Local Paid Search

The next article I read this morning was by Michael Evans Titled: “Local Online Advertising: Adwords Express for Beginners”. In this piece Michael talks about the benefits of Google AdWords Express (GAE).

I personally don’t care for any Google pay per click program where they are selecting keywords and managing my ad spend. I find them targeting to broad an audience for my taste. It is good, but the good is often the enemy of the best.

GAE is alright for beginners, but I would rather see them using Google’s regular AdWords program. Google will set up a regular AdWords campaign just as quickly as they set you up in their GAE program, both set-ups are free.

Using Google’s AdWords For Local Search | For Beginners

Go ahead and let Google set up a few campaigns for you on AdWords. Then Make these changes.

  1. Set your geographical location or have Google target a certain area. 15-25 miles around your office is a good range, if you want you can choose just your state. This will exclude any one outside your selected local area.
  2. Set all keywords to exact match, you may not get as many clicks but you won’t waste money. If your a local contractor you will want to add keywords like [general contractor], [general contractor yourtown], [general contractor yourtown yourstate], [general contractor yourstate], [residential contractor] Etc…Or whatever is relevant to your business. Beginners should stick to keyword phrases with two or more words.
  3. I recommend setting your ads to run only during hours you will answer the phone. If you can’t figure out how to do this, Google will help you.
  4. I also recommend eliminating cell phones for most businesses. When I compare my paid search bounce rates. Mobile seems a ridiculous waste of money

I would like to hear how you do local online advertising with pay per click. Please tell me in the comments, or write a post and let me know. Thanks

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