November 23, 2017

Online Marketing – Simplified SEO

online marketingGetting and ranking number one is not hard, but it is work! It can however be boring and time consuming work. Think of me (local SEO expert) as a contractor. If you hired a contractor to build you a house, he would hire all the sub-contractors and organize the project, he might do some of the work too, but most work would be done by teams of hired help. The only difference in this analogy is that I also am the architect.

I design a plan and orchestrate the team, my team is hired to do one of two things. Write or create great content. I then go about building links to that great content and optimize the page. That’s how easy the formula is for online marketing success. You put great content on your website, optimize the page, and get people to link to it.

Online Marketing – Designing The Plan

The plan is of extreme importance! Each webpage has to stand on its own, meaning it has to be original, offer the user value. It has to convert traffic into a leads or customers, it has to attract links, look professional, and sometimes has to be designed while keeping Paid Search Campaigns in mind.

My keyword research takes local search, traffic volume, and search intent into consideration. People search to learn, find and buy. Informational, Navigational and Transactional. We also know that 80 to 90% of transactional searches are done with the intent of buying or hiring locally.

While planning your keyword list, consider adding a lot of local modifiers. A blog will give you the ability to keep pumping out new content. You can target new keywords every week or everyday as your budget allows for content writers. How else will you get these local Geographical keywords into your overall design? Stuff the page with every town you service? Not anymore.

In any design I will add reviews into my keyword list, not testimonials. Why reviews? because people who are ready to hire are looking for reviews, not testimonials. The reviews are really testimonials, but the intent and search volume of a person searching for reviews is much greater.

This is one reason I feel I earn my money. Of course you want to optimize pages for high traffic keywords, but a lot of high traffic keywords (how-to) don’t convert into leads or customers. I research the phrases that pay. I spend quite a few bucks a month for tools that put me in the know. This research allows me to offer clients a greater return on investment. Related Post- Google Online Marketing Plan

Online Marketing – Creating Great Content

This is really the toughest part of the job for me, it is also why they call SEO an “art and a science”. Content is 95% art and 5% science. Writing and photography are arts (say that like a pirate). Including a subtle marketing message is art. Including SEO best practices onto a page is both art and science.

What ever the topic is you need a writer that really gets the subject matter. Nobody is going to link to an article that was mailed in, or has stock photography or clip-art. Content is your trade, and great writers and graphic designers are your stock.

Great content comes in many forms and is the most likely way you will get much needed links. One way to design content that will attract links is to research your industry and see what types of content are already attracting links. Related Post- Content Marketing Plan

Online Marketing – Get People To Link To it

Link prospecting will be easier if you plan for it in the design phase. When planning a campaign and quoting a client, I include a good chunk of content creation in the budget. I will research their market and see what content or tools are missing.

These tools, info-graphics, apps, content and resources all become link assets. Now you need to contact bloggers and though leaders and experts in the vertical to let them know about your assets.

Guest blogging on popular and high traffic sites will get you a link and some traffic. This is a good way to promote all your link bait and grow your own readership. But guest bogging is getting over done. People don’t want thin or poorly written copy. If your going to get a guest post on a great site your going to have a great article.


Great images, articles, and other content will make every other aspect of online marketing and SEO much easier. Get with an SEO agency that has a great content creation department or contract out the work your-self.

I would love to here what you do to attract and build a great content. I would also like to hear what types of content you develop while keeping link prospecting in mind.

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