November 23, 2017

Contractor Advertising

Make The Phone Ring Immediately – With Effective Paid Search Contractor Advertising!

Internet Marketing Plan For Contractors Lets face it, nobody’s got a huge advertising budget nowadays, if we throw money at some advertising, we need the jobs to roll in right away – to feed the machine, and keep cash flowing.

We have several ways to promote your services, some strategies are long term, and others will get you leads today.

Contractor Advertising Via Paid Search /Pay-Per-Click

Paid search advertising offers immediate results. We use the same methods as the big lead generation web sites, EXCEPT, we work with only one contractor per area, and we direct all the traffic to you, and only you!

We work with Architects, Roofers, Engineers, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, and Swimming Pool Contractors. These services are in demand locally. People are searching for people in these trades everyday.

Burn Factor

Like one of my guys told me: “I tried paid search (also called Pay Per Click – PPC) and it was like a mortgage payment, that didn’t get me enough leads“.

This is because the keywords targeted were to broad! I encourage all my contractors to try PPC with me. I don’t waste money like other PPC Management Companies.

Local SEO For Contractors

For me there is no better advertising money spent than that for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The number 1 organic spot gets 42.13 percent of all clicks. Contractors that are number 1 in their surrounding towns for multiple keywords, never want for leads.

A website that has not been search engine optimized is little more than a flyer. Unless someone is searching for you by name, you will rarely if ever show up in the search engines.

Contractor Directory Marketing

Being listed at the top of Google Maps /Places is a great way to get leads. This is a great place to get some clicks and to advertise. Getting to the top may not be free. Do to competition you may need to pay someone like me to get you there. But once your there all the clicks are free!

How Can You Run A Business Without New Business? – Trust Factor

We have a accredited listing in the BBB, and have reviews plastered all over the internet from happy customers. People searching online are much more sophisticated than even just a year ago. They are comparing trust factors like reviews and BBB ratings.

You will convert more of your websites traffic into leads if you have these trust signals. Your paying for all this traffic one way or another, you might as well covert some of it into leads.

HomeAdviser – Formally “Service Magic

HomeAdvisor is an “OK” short term strategy- Why is an internet marketing company saying that??? Because I want to be honest, and helpful! Here’s the catch: It’s only an OK strategy for those with no work or leads, who are available to answer the phone and to go give a free estimate the day of the call.

If you do not meet the requirements above, turn off the leads / suspend your Service Magic account until you can meet them! If you can’t answer the phone and get to the estimate the same day, you will not sell enough of those leads to justify the cost.

If your sick of paying for leads, only to show up and find three other contractors have already been there. If your not getting enough work to keep good people or grow your business. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you, or just fill out the form on the bottom of this page.

It makes me sick to see how much money some contractors pay HomeAdvisor. If they would give me half of what they spend in a year, I could dominate their local search results for them.

Here Is A Free Tip In Appreciation For Reading This Far – Little Known Way To Boost Your Directory Listing

One of the best ways to get your companies local directory listing in Google Places /Maps to the top of the search engines, is by getting a lot of citations (related post), and by getting real reviews from real customers.

A review of your current website and marketing plan would be a good place to start.
To begin, just fill out the form below, or give us a call. THX!