Independent Marketing Specialist

Independent Marketing Specialist

I love helping businesses and individual professionals bring their products and services to market. I have been doing this for myself, and others since 1997. If your looking for an experienced marketing agency with business acumen, that can rock any form of digital marketing, I’m your guy.

I personally design and manage a strategic plan for every one of my accounts. I sub out some of the creatives like: Logo design, custom web design, flyers, business cards, writing, signs, etc… But I keep a close eye on everything, making sure the plan you and I come up with is implemented to perfection.

I know what it takes to compete in today’s market place.

I was marketing before Google existed, I was doing SEO before it was called SEO, building websites before CMS’s, I was earning links before content marketing was a term.

While SEO is important, it has almost nothing to do with marketing. While search engines can drive a lot of traffic to you, without marketing, you may not convert that traffic into dollars. Each business type has it’s own challenges.

Working as an independent marketing agency, and representing many business models. I know the difference between marketing a local business, Vs. a national business, or eCommerce website.

Give me a call, or fill out my contact form on the right, and lets start building you a powerful professional online presence.

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